Vegan Olive Spread

hiiiii my friends! taking you through a taste of Greece today with my fabulous Vegan Olive Spread brought to you my Mezzetta! for over seventy years, Mezzetta has brought delicious and healthful foods from the Mediterranean to the American table. as a Greek-American woman, Mediterranean food is a taste of my second home. Vegan Olive Spread is not meant just for bread, you can put it on warm pita, pizzas, pasta, crackers, veggies and more. honestly, i don’t blame you if you want to eat it by the spoonful- it’s that good. Vegan Olive Spread is versatile and bursting with flavor from Mezzetta’s Kalamata Olives and Jalapenos.

Kalamata Olives are by far my favorite kind of olives and Mezzetta’s tastes incredibly fresh. it’s as if you’re eating them straight from the olive tree. they’re grown in Kalamata, Greece and the surrounding countryside. Kalamata olives are known for their distinctive almond shape and meaty texture. they’re perfect for vegan dishes!! once the olives are harvested, Kalamatas are split or cracked to allow the red wine vinegar and herbs in the brine to fully permeate the flesh and omggg, the result is olive perfection. if you’re like me and want to add a bit of spice, i highly recommend adding Mezzetta’s Jalapenos. their jalapeños come from local family farms in Northern California and are picked by hand and delivered to their facility within twenty-four hours. note, they are not too hot at all in my opinion and that’s because they are Tamed™ Jalapeños—a hybrid of a jalapeño and a bell pepper. the pepper was developed for Mezzetta to provide all the flavor and texture of a regular jalapeño but with less heat, which is so cool!!

thank you Mezzetta for sponsoring this recipe and supporting upbeetandkaleingit!

Ingredients and Directions

in a food processor, blend:

1 cup @mezzetta kalamata Greek olives

6 slices @mezzetta jalapenos or however many you would like

2 tbsp olive oil 

3 tbsp hummus of choice 

1 tsp minced garlic

top the toasted bread with the spread and then mix some cherry tomatoes, fresh chopped basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil together in a bowl. top again and enjoy!

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