High Protein Three Ingredient Lentil Wraps

lentil lovers, where are you at?!

lentils are such a versatile and nutrient-packed ingredient that can be transformed into a variety of delicious recipes.

if you’re looking for a simple, high-protein wrap that’s both nutritious and satisfying, theseHigh Protein Three Ingredient Lentil Wraps are just what you need!!

with no boiling required, these wraps come together quickly in a non-stick pan, making them a perfect option for a quick meal.

if you love Indian cuisine like me, you might notice a huge resemblance between these high-protein lentil wraps and the beloved Indian dish, dosa. these wraps draw inspiration from the dosa, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of lentils in different culinary traditions.

Dosas are a staple in South Indian cuisine, made from fermented rice and urad dal (black gram lentils). while the ingredients differ slightly, the concept of using lentils as a base for a thin, crispy, and delicious wrap remains the same.

aaah lentils, those tiny legumes, might not seem like much at first glance, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to protein.

they are such a stellar plant-based source of this essential macronutrient.

nutrient-packed: despite their small size, lentils are densely packed with nutrients, and protein is no exception. they provide about 18 grams of protein per cup of cooked lentils, making them one of the richest plant-based sources of protein available.

complete amino acid profile: while lentils are not considered a complete protein source on their own, combining them with grains like rice or whole wheat bread can create a complete amino acid profile.

lentils are rich in essential amino acids, particularly lysine, which can be limited in other plant-based protein sources. so, by incorporating lentils into your diet alongside complementary foods, you can ensure you’re getting a well-rounded protein intake.

fiber bonus: protein in lentils comes with an added bonus—fiber! lentils are a great source of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and helps keep you feeling full and satisfied.

plant-based goodness: one of the most significant advantages of lentil protein is that it’s entirely plant-based. you can enjoy all the protein benefits without the saturated fat and cholesterol found in many animal-based protein sources.

it’s a heart-healthy choice that aligns with a variety of dietary preferences, from vegan to flexitarian.

affordable and accessible: lentils are budget-friendly and widely available, making them an accessible protein source for people everywhere. whether you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for an affordable way to incorporate more protein into your diet, lentils are an economical choice.

you will need only one tbsp of organic corn starch in this recipe! corn starch plays a crucial role in our high-protein lentil wraps. it acts as a binding agent, helping to hold the lentil batter together and create that perfect wrap texture.

this ingredient is what gives the wraps their satisfying structure without the need for eggs or other binders.

if you’re looking for alternatives, you can easily substitute corn starch with arrowroot or tapioca starch.

these alternatives work similarly to corn starch and can be used in the same quantity!

also, if you’re planning to fill these lentil wraps with sweet ingredients, you can opt to replace the vegetable broth with plain water!

this swap ensures that the wraps won’t have a savory undertone, so feel free to adjust the recipe to suit your preferences :).

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High Protein Three Ingredient Lentil Wraps

Recipe by MaryCourse: Snacks


Prep time


Cooking time





4-6 wraps depending on thickness!


  • 1 cup dried lentils, rinsed and drained
    1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
    1 tbsp organic cornstarch


  • start by rinsing and draining 1 cup of dried lentils. in a blender or food processor, combine the rinsed lentils, vegetable broth, and organic cornstarch. blend until you have a smooth batter. this step ensures that the lentils are finely ground and ready for the wraps.
  • heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. you can use oil for this recipe, i used avocado. the non-stick surface will prevent sticking and is SO IMPORTANT. you pan has to be a proper non-stick!
  • pour a ladleful of the lentil batter onto the hot pan, just like you would for pancakes. use the back of the ladle to spread the batter into a round shape. cook for a couple of minutes on each side, or until the wrap is golden brown and holds together well.
  • repeat this process with the remaining lentil batter, adjusting the heat as needed to ensure the wraps cook evenly. once your lentil wraps are cooked to perfection, get creative with your toppings. you can add sliced avocado, fresh salsa, peanut butter and banana and more! i made mine with roasted butternut squash, pistachios, vegan feta and a creamy tahini dressing.

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