Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups

move on over Reese’s and mainstream candy because Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups are here!!!

oh my gosh, y’all are so excited about them and that makes me super happy because they’re EPIC.

the center is incredible. i used almond butter of course but you can use any nut or seed butter your heart desires. sunflower seed butter or peanut butter would be fantastic.

on top of tasting like rich and decadent candy cups, the recipe is super simple for these gems!

holy fudge factor!!! the center is made of just THREE ingredients. yep, that’s it. simple, whole foods are just the best.

all you’re going to need is some almond butter, medjool dates and almond milk. you can use any dairy free milk of course! if you’re not a fan of dates, of course you can omit them.

even if you don’t like dates by themselves, i’m telling ya, in this filling they are just bliss!

so every chocolate dessert in my opinion needs some sea salt on top!

Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups are sweet enough that a salty component is a great addition. between the naturally sweet dates and the chocolate chips that i used, they’re rich!

you store the cups in the fridge OR freezer, just thaw before you eat them.

you can always melt the chocolate sauce using the stove and temper it but i just had no patience lol.

i warmed the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds at time and a total of 1 minute. you warm it up, stir the sauce and warm up again.

all you’re going to need is chocolate chips or a chocolate bar, coconut oil and almond milk but again, any dairy free works!

the filling just gets to me. it’s gooey and way better than anything store bought. don’t get me wrong, i heart me some store-bought candy but this is the real deal.

i like to make Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups on sunday and then stick them in the freezer so we have snacks/desserts the whole week.

my freezer is ALWAYS stocked with treats because 1. i make a lot lol and 2. it’s convenient to have a healthier dessert option on hand.

here’s the entire list of what you need!

  • chocolate chips

  • coconut oil

  • almond milk or any dairy free milk

  • almond butter or any nut/seed butter

  • medjool dates

that’s it! simple enough huh? we could all use some extra treats right now, so let me know if you make these gems.

Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups

Recipe by MaryCourse: Desserts, No BakeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time



the Vegan Almond Butter Date Cups i made are on the larger side, but you could definitely make more than 7!


  • chocolate sauce
  • 1 cup chocolate chips

  • 1/2 cup almond milk

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil

  • *add a little more liquid if you think it’s too thick but it should definitely be on the thicker side.

  • filling
  • 6 large pitted medjool dates

  • 1/3 cup runny almond butter

  • 1/3 cup almond milk


  • melt the chocolate sauce ingredients in a microwave safe cup for 30 seconds. take out, stir and warm another 30 seconds, which should be enough to melt everything.
  • add more liquid if you feel you need to!
  • use a spoon to add a bottom layer to parchment paper muffin cups.
  • add the filling ingredients to a food processor and blend until a smooth consistency forms.
  • add a spoonful on top of the bottom chocolate sauce layer and then pour the remaining sauce into each cup to cover the filling.
  • place in the freezer for an hour or until the cups harden and then enjoy! you can store in the fridge or the freezer, just thaw a bit before eating.

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